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1. Comprehensive Privacy Statement

Frequency Chain, the governing body behind FreCx Coin and the operational entity of the Frequency Chain Blockchain Network (collectively referred to as the "Service"), is committed to safeguarding your personal data. We operate as TGPS Infotech. Our dedication to protecting your personal data is guided by the principles of confidentiality and compliance with prevailing data protection regulations and the terms outlined in this privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy").

While your provision of personal data, such as names, addresses, or email addresses, is entirely voluntary, it's essential to note that opting out of sharing or permitting the use, disclosure, and processing of this data might impact our ability to provide you with the desired information, products, or services. Be assured that, within the framework of this Privacy Policy, we do not share this data with third parties without your explicit consent or unless required by law.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that transmitting data over the internet, including email communication, carries inherent security risks. Although we implement rigorous security measures, we cannot guarantee complete immunity against unauthorized access by third parties.

By Providing Personal data to us, you are consenting to the collection, use, and disclosure of such personal data as per the stipulations of this policy. If you are providing the personal data of another individual, it implies that you have informed them about the specific purposes for which their personal data is needed and obtained their consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of their personal data in line with this policy. e accurately reflects the latest changes to the policy.

1.1 Verification of Databases

To ensure adherence to global sanctions, securities regulations, and to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism, Frequency Chain may find it necessary to cross-reference the personal data you provide against publicly accessible databases.

1.2 Contact Form Interaction

For managing contact forms, we utilize HubSpot. When you submit forms, you acknowledge and consent to the transfer and processing of the information you provide, following HubSpot's existing terms, conditions, and privacy policies. When you use these forms to send inquiries to us, the details you input, including your contact information, are stored. This storage serves the purpose of addressing your inquiries and managing any subsequent interactions.

1.3 Keeping You Informed – Newsletters

Occasionally, we may dispatch newsletters to deliver updates about our Service. If you wish to receive the newsletter available through our Service, we require your email address and pertinent information to verify your ownership of the provided email address and your consent to receive the newsletter. Additional data might be collected if deemed necessary. Rest assured, we employ this data exclusively for the validation process mentioned above and to transmit the requested information. As per the guidelines in this Privacy Policy, we do not share such data with third parties. You maintain the authority to withdraw your consent for storing your data and using your email address for newsletter purposes. This can be accomplished at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link provided within the newsletter.

1.4 Data Processing – Customer Data and Contractual Data

Certain services we offer involve the use of Google Analytics to gather pseudonymous usage data. This data aids us in enhancing our products for our users. Please note, this data remains dissociated from any personal user data.

We also retain the prerogative to scrutinize, inspect, and process your personal data if such actions are deemed necessary to investigate or procure evidence regarding complaints, claims, disputes, suspected illegal conduct, or activities that breach the law. This may be conducted in collaboration with law enforcement, regulatory authorities, or other relevant entities.

Additionally, we may collect, process, use, and disclose personal data in accordance with lawful requirements or permissions. It's worth noting that, notwithstanding any divergent terms in this Privacy Policy, personal data might be shared with third parties to achieve the objectives outlined herein. These third parties encompass our service providers, contractors, business partners, affiliates, holders or users of Coins, Auction Operators, payment entities for Coins or Services, as well as law enforcement, regulatory, statutory, or public agencies, as needed to fulfill their requirements, policies, directives, or requests.

1.5 Data Sharing during Service Contracts

Unless otherwise specified in this Policy or mutually agreed upon, we will only share personal data with third parties when necessary for the proper execution of the Frequency Chain Service. This may include sharing data with authorized credit institutions responsible for payment processing.

1.6 Commercial Use Guidelines

Subject to your consent, we may use your personal data and/or share it with our business partners and affiliates of Frequency Chain for email-based notifications about upcoming opportunities or to market and promote our respective products and services. You can review, withdraw, or reassert your consent at any time by contacting the Service provider via email. Alternatively, reach out to us using the contact details provided in the email footer/imprint/legal notice.

1.7 Opting Out of Commercial Emails

Contact information for Service providers or information related to products and services featured on this website may be shared in the email footer/legal note/imprint. Unauthorized use of this contact information by third parties to distribute unsolicited advertisements or other commercial information is strictly prohibited. The operators of this Service reserve the right to take legal action against the sending of unsolicited commercial information, such as spam emails, and similar communications.

1.8 Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy periodically and make the latest version available through this website. Every instance of collecting, processing, using, or disclosing personal data will be subject to the most recent version of this Privacy Policy in effect at that time.

2. Privacy Policy

Our mission encompasses ensuring open access to Frequency Chain blockchain technology, launching FreCx ("Coins"), providing long-term governance, community and ecosystem support.

Our commitment involves upholding the highest level of integrity in our interactions with customers, Coin holders, investors, and other business partners. As you engage with Frequency Chain's Services and electronic platforms, we may collect, process, and/or disclose data that identifies you or renders you identifiable ("Personal Data") in accordance with this privacy policy ("Policy"). This Personal Data might be received directly from you through emails or interactions, or indirectly from legitimate third parties.

This Policy aims to provide insight into the Personal Data we collect, store, process, use, and/or disclose, along with the purposes and legal grounds for such actions. Additionally, it elucidates your rights for the protection of your Personal Data.

This Policy aims to provide insight into the Personal Data we collect, store, process, use, and/or disclose, along with the purposes and legal grounds for such actions. Additionally, it elucidates your rights for the protection of your Personal Data.

2.1 Data Categories Subject to Processing

For the purpose of delivering our Services and conducting Auctions, the types of Personal Data pertaining to you that we or our authorized third-party data processors may process include

Personal Details: Name, gender, date of birth/age, nationality, passport or national ID number, social security number, tax identification number.

Contact Details: Address, email address, telephone number, social media account details.

Financial Details: Bank information for payments, credit card information for payments, utility bill, credit report, other financial details pertinent to 'Accredited Investor' verification.

Corporate Details: Name, place of registration, registration number, transparency register number, details regarding articles of association and similar documents/certificates, information concerning shareholders and/or beneficial owners (including their personal and contact details).

Technical Information: Device details (e.g., IP address) of the device you use for orders and communication (cell phone, tablet, notebook, personal computer), log-in information (email address, password), your public cryptocurrency wallet address.

2.2 Data Collection Methods

We collect your Personal Data from the following sources:

When you communicate with us via email, phone, or other means.

Through regular interactions in our relationship with you.

providing access to the Frequency Chain blockchain protocol.

When you choose to make certain Personal Data publicly accessible, such as through social media profiles.

Through information shared by third parties that legally provide your data to us, like credit reference agencies or law enforcement.

When you visit our websites or use available features/resources. Visiting our site may automatically disclose technical information (device type, operating system, browser type, settings, IP address,language settings, connection timestamps), some of which can be Personal Data.

When submitting a resume/CV for a job application.

When obtaining Coins.

2.3 Generated Personal Data

During your interaction on the Frequency Chain blockchain platform, we may create additional Personal Data about you, including records of interactions and transaction history details.

2.4 Intended Use of Personal Data

We use your Personal Data to provide, enhance, and refine our Services, granting Frequency Chain blockchain access, and facilitating Coin utilization. For marketing activities, we rely on your explicit prior consent and adhere to applicable legal requirements in your jurisdiction. We do not sell Personal Data to third parties.

Moreover, our Service's aim is to offer information about the Project and Auctions. If you submit Personal Data to us or our authorized processors for Auction participation or as a potential Coin acquirer, we collect, process, and disclose such data for registration, issuance, distribution, usage, and exchange purposes related to Coins.

2.5 Legal Basis for Personal Data Processing

In processing your Personal Data, we rely on legal bases such as:

Your explicit prior consent (used exceptionally for entirely voluntary processing).

Processing essential for contractual agreements with you.

Processing required by law.

Processing vital for safeguarding individual interests.

Processing as part of our legitimate business operations, provided your interests and rights are not overridden.

Categories of Third Parties (Non-Processors)

We may share Personal Data with third parties that aren't processors. These include:

Banks, credit agencies, and financial/payment service providers.

Our affiliate companies (list available upon request:

Other FreCx Coin holders or users.

IT service providers.

2.6 Handling Sensitive Personal Data

We avoid processing Sensitive Personal Data, except when:

Processing is legally required or permissible (e.g., diversity reporting).

Processing is necessary for crime detection or prevention (including fraud prevention).

Processing is necessary for legal rights' establishment, exercise, or defense.

Explicit consent has been obtained for voluntary processing..

2.7 Impact of Data Non-collection

Your Personal Data is essential for providing Services and fulfilling contractual obligations. Failure to provide such data may hinder us from delivering the intended services.

2.8 Consent and Withdrawal

Any consent given is voluntary. You retain the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawal doesn't affect the legality of processing before withdrawal. This paragraph pertains to entirely voluntary processing only.

For consent withdrawal, email us at

2.9 Cookies

We may use cookies occasionally. Cookies are unique text files that websites can send to your browser. Cookies don't contain Personal Data. We use them to identify your browser for proper website display and for efficient site design.

You can disable cookies through your browser settings or refuse their installation when prompted.

You can also delete cookies from your device's hard drive after a browsing session.

2.10 Marketing Activities

With your consent, we may share Personal Data with business partners to send you emails about opportunities and promote our products/services.

2.11 Links to Partner Sites

Links on Frequency Chain websites may lead to co-branded sites or companies with business relationships. When you share information on such sites, you may be sharing it with both Frequency Chain and these partners. We're not responsible for the privacy practices of these partners; read their privacy policies.

2.12 Personal Data Erasure

We automatically erase Personal Data when no longer required for purposes listed above. We also erase Personal Data upon your request if not necessary under applicable laws.

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